What types of Life Experience Degrees are awarded?
  • Diploma, degrees, high school diploma, associates, masters, doctorate and any combination.
  • You can get the degrees in any majors or subjects accounts, finance, history, arts, teaching, library management, museum, crafts, music and many more subjects.


Earning your accredited Concordia College & University degree online can be the best option for many working adults as it is cost effective while it provides various advantages that fit the adult students in a tough economy situation.

Founded in 1999, Concordia College and University offers Nationally Accredited undergraduate and graduate Degrees in hundreds of majors. More than 25 percent of our enrollees have their tuition paid for by their companies including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, small businesses and more.

You may have done past courses and other learning which equals an Associate, Bachelor or Master degree, but you accumulated that learning in a variety of contexts with no resulting degree outcome. Meeting your need, Concordia College's online prior learning assessment process may conclude with an accredited degree in 24 hours in the subject of your prior studies or Life Experience. Your transcripts then credibly document all of your learning.

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  • Masters
  • Doctorates
  • Associates

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